Many of us hike all the time, and so going out for an afternoon jaunt is not cause for long, detailed preparation. We take a water bottle and hit the trails. However, for beginners and those planning hiking trips in new locations, it’s important to put safety first. “Depending onRead More →

A “miracle” cat is still recovering after enduring the hot wash, cold rinse, and spin cycle in a family washing machine left him temporarily blinded and in critical condition with difficulty breathing. His owner, described as a “devoted animal lover,” told KARE that she is normally obsessive about checking herRead More →

To apply some modern tricks to old-school chicken salad, we turned to our spice rack. Most spices boast an impressive portfolio of phytonutrients_often the very same compounds that give them such potent flavor. Mild, creamy chicken salad was an ideal canvas. First, we found we could replace two-thirds of theRead More →

The skydiving plane that crashed shortly after takeoff from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, on June 21, will have its repair and inspection records reviewed by federal investigators, according to reports. The fatal crash at Dillingham Airfield, killed all 11 on board—nine men and two women—making it the worstRead More →

The 2019 BET Awards featured a number of contemporary pop and rap stars who are dominating the charts, from Cardi B to Lil Nas X. But the show belonged to artists viewed as icons in the black community, including singer Mary J. Blige, filmmaker Tyler Perry and the late rapperRead More →