“Legal Battle: Trump’s Lawyers Contest Allegations of Wealth Inflation”

Donald Trump’s attorneys asked a judge Friday to dismiss fraud claims as New York’s attorney general accused him of inflating his assets by even more than her lawsuit alleges.

Attorney General Letitia James last week accused the former president of inflating his assets by up to $2.2 billion in a single year, but her office on Friday said that was merely a “conservative” estimate based on “undisputed” evidence and that Trump actually inflated his assets by up to $3.6 billion — and possibly even more, reported The Messenger.

“[That] is still a conservative estimate of the extent of the inflation,” wrote Assistant Attorney General Andrew Amer in a 74-page filing. “Based on this mountain of evidence establishing the extent to which Mr. Trump and his associates grossly and deceptively inflated his assets and net worth in the [statements of financial condition] each year.”

Trump’s attorneys accused James of engaging in a “crusade” against the former president and his children and asked a court to dismiss the lawsuit.

“In the NYAG’s obsessive, compulsive attempt to ‘get’ President Trump, she even continues to unfairly drag his children Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. along for the ride, despite their having had no direct involvement in the creation, preparation, or use of the SFCs,” Trump’s attorneys wrote in their own 74-page legal brief.

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