NASA’s New UFO Research Director and the Search for Answers

Story: NASA Announces New Director for UFO Research

After decades of relative silence on the matter, the American government has recently grabbed headlines by releasing videos, like jet fighter footage, depicting encounters with unidentified flying objects (UFOs). This comes after years of comparative secrecy surrounding such encounters, which are commonly known to the public as UFO sightings.

The announcement of a new UFO research director at NASA came on Thursday following a declaration by an independent NASA panel that recommended the agency play a significant role in helping the Pentagon identify these elusive phenomena.

The panel also advised NASA to step up its efforts to collect data on them. NASA’s new head honcho is Bill Nelson, a former astronaut and senator.

“The NASA independent study team found no evidence that UFOs originate from extraterrestrial sources, but we don’t know what they are,” said Bill Nelson. “We will be transparent about this and are trying to address the concern that some of it is classified, and the U.S. government is not being open. Well, we are the U.S. government, and we are open, and we’ll talk about it openly.”


NASA has not publicly disclosed the name of its new UFO chief, claiming it is partly to protect against online harassment and threats directed at panel members.

The panel had access only to unclassified military reports and has expressed a desire to increase the use of public data, similar to airline pilots, to examine the subject. It also noted that it is working to remove the stigma associated with the topic and witnesses.

So, NASA is taking a step into the unknown by acknowledging the existence of these “unknown unusual occurrences” and is committed to shedding light on the mysterious world of UFOs.

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