The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) returned an ancient powder horn on Jan. 15 that was stolen over 60 years ago, Fox 2 reported. “This is a pretty magical day for us,” said Elena Rugh of the Detroit Historical Society. “Things like this don’t happen very often.” The ancient powderRead More →

Approximately 2,000 migrants formed a caravan in San Pedro Sula on Honduras’ northern half and are headed toward the U.S.-Mexico border. But thousands of migrants from last year’s caravan are still there waiting for the chance to apply for asylum in the United States. The first caravan consisting of 7,000Read More →

Cardi B has a new friend in U.S. Senator, Chuck Schumer. Kinda! Yesterday, Cardi B went on a rant on Instagram, bashing U.S. President Donald Trump for the U.S. government shut down and the border wall in Mexico. Cardi B: Trump Is A ‘Clout Chaser’ – — Brandon RobinsonRead More →

< div> (Picture: Hertz) Planning your next travel adventure and want the experience to make your social media followers crazy with envy? Forget quirky popcorn beaches, eclectic Scandinavian Moomin museums and naked hiking. What you should really invest in is a classic American road trip on Route 66 – votedRead More →

Michelle Pfeiffer has joined Instagram with an epic first post, a throwback clip of her as Catwoman backflipping towards the camera and then simply saying ‘meow’ before a building explodes. What an introduction. The Hollywood star, 60, appeared as Selina in the 1992 film Batman Returns starring Michael Keaton asRead More →