Warning: contains spoilers for Avengers #41! Any fan of the Black Panther knows that one of his greatest sources of power comes from a deep-rooted connection to those who held the title before him, his ancestors, and to the spiritual realm of Djalia, which can feed him both power and information. So,Read More →

Some of the best horror movies are based on fairy tales and folklore. The realm of fairy tales has always had a dark, murkier undercurrent, as exemplified by the original collection by The Brothers Grimm, German siblings responsible for the creation of 19th-century fairy tales rife with violence, now-problematic discourse,Read More →

Having recently announcing the upcoming Resident Evil Showcase, Capcom has shared a free avatar on the PlayStation Store that all PS4 and PS5 owners can download with a redemption code. The Resident Evil Showcase will go live on Thursday, January 21, with What’s Good Games’ Brittney Brombacher is set to host the digital event. There,Read More →