USA Network and SYFY’s upcoming Child’s Play spinoff, Chucky will explore teen main character Jake Weber’s sexuality. The horror film franchise has been going strong since it first arrived in 1989. Back then, the tone bordered on psychological horror as Child’s Play attempted to create a genuine feeling of terrorRead More →

Warning: contains spoilers to Batman: Urban Legends #5! After months of hints and cameos, the WildC.A.T.s just officially returned to DC Comics continuity. The former Image Comics and WildStorm Productions superhero team haven’t officially been seen together since 2011, but thanks to DC’s new Omniverse and the merged continuity of the Infinite Frontier initiative, theirRead More →

The release of Black Panther made their comic book counterparts popular in the mainstream, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie managed to capture significant interest. One hugely appealing aspect of the film was its setting, the country of Wakanda, which is easily the most advanced civilization that has ever been shown as farRead More →