(Picture: Coalatree) Sustainability is the new black. As we become more conscious of reducing waste and trying to tackle the pollution crisis, we are increasingly looking for ecologically responsible alternatives for everyday products. Whether that’s ditching plastic straws, or buying beauty products and groceries without plastic packaging. Now we canRead More →

(Picture: Fashion Nova) People are mocking a new playsuit that has been released by Fashion Nova. Two days ago, the fashion retailer shared a photo of the Faux The Money PU Biker Romper to its Instagram, and although it has received 33,000 likes, it has also received lots of ridicule.Read More →

(Picture: Triangle News) It’s getting hard to count the huge amount of gaffes we’ve written about regarding online clothes orders. There’s been everything from vagina-revealing dresses to wrong NYE outfits to jeans that are more fit for Slenderman than a human (he gets casual Fridays too, you know). Thank godRead More →