The confusing plastic bra (Picture: Wish; Shein) We know the internet is filled with some interesting inventions but people are particularly perplexed by this clear plastic bra. The bra, from online shops Wish and Shein, consists of two hard plastic shells with clear straps. After spotting it online a womanRead More →

The man and woman before photoshop (Picture: Groom+Style) Every time we come across photo exhibits that show what attractiveness around the world looks like, we marvel at how different beauty norms are. In the past, photographers, journalists, and designers have asked people around the world to demonstrate their perception ofRead More →

The winning dress (Picture: Reuters) Remember when you were younger and used to fashion a make-shift wedding dress out of loo roll? Well there’s an actual award for that pastime… for adults. The 15th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest just crowed Mimoza Haska, of South Carolina, as its 2019Read More →