Trump got himself into this shutdown mess because he is incompetent. Self-proclaimed “stable genius” Donald Trump has negotiated himself into a corner with no obvious way out. The leader of the free world has decided that the best way to get funding for his very stupid border wall is to pitch aRead More →

It’s tough to believe that the governor’s exclusion of any mention of South Jersey points in his annual message was just an oversight. Let’s hope actions speak louder than words. It would be difficult to imagine that, after a year like 2018, former Gov. Chris Christie would have given aRead More →

The governor has not presented a plan to solve the fiscal crisis. With his budget address set for March 5, that’s reason for worry. Ask yourself this question: What do all the accomplishments that Gov. Phil Murphy rattled off during his State of the State speech Tuesday afternoon have in common?Read More →

Crucial re-entry services are now in jeopardy, for no substantive reason. An ex-governor who has done admirable work helping people who get out of prison find jobs and reacclimate suddenly gets fired, and nobody can figure out why. But somewhere behind it all is Steven Fulop. The Jersey City mayor won’tRead More →

Others might want to come forward. Those who have spoken might want to say more. As the Legislature investigates the Murphy administration’s mishandling of Katie Brennan’s rape charge, and the rest of us wonder how her alleged rapist got a job and a fat raise, a broader issue is brewing.Read More →

When a little boy throws a temper tantrum, the last thing you should do is yield to his demands. The next time he screams for a lollipop, your problem will only have grown. But what if the child is president of the United States? It changes things. Democrats can’t sendRead More →

When you least expect it …. What’s a “candid” photo? Pretty much anything that hasn’t been staged. By “staged,” I can mean anything from a publicity photo to a group shot of family all standing in the same pose. Courtesy of Sacred Heart High School  Why do we like candidRead More →

A new legislative proposal would raise the punishment stakes for fraudsters who use charity crowdfunding sites, but the sites’ operators should get some scrutiny, too. If you Google “gofundme,” the first thing on the search engine’s list is a paid ad for the official GoFundMe platform, whose headline describes it asRead More →

Dogs and cats throughout New Jersey await adoption. The year 2018 is over, but the drive to ‘Clear the Shelters’ goes on. ‘Clear the Shelters’ is an annual pet adoption drive sponsored by NBC- and Telemundo-owned television stations across the country. More than 91,900 pets were adopted since the 2018Read More →