Mick Mulvaney has been tapped to be acting Chief of Staff for Trump, per a tweet by the President on Friday evening. Mulvaney is a staunch conservative from South Carolina. Prior to this position, Mulvaney was leading the Office of Management and Budget since 2017. According to Fox News, MulvaneyRead More →

Veteran Star-Ledger journalist was Pulitzer finalist in 2013 The newspaper was never wrapped in plastic and tossed in the driveway. It was nestled in the skinny space between the storm and front doors of our house in Summit, dry and intact. That is where I found The Star-Ledger every day afterRead More →

An Arizona judge ordered the deportation of an activist who claimed she would be targeted if removed to her native Mexico. Immigration Judge Thomas Michael O’Leary denied Alejandra Pablos’s asylum request on Dec. 11 and ordered her removed from the United States. Pablos, 33, is a permanent legal resident ofRead More →

BERLIN (AP) — A Berlin court says the insolvency administrator for bankrupt airline Air Berlin has sued its former largest shareholder, Gulf airline Etihad, for 2 billion euros ($2.26 billion) in damages. The Berlin administrative court said Friday the suit alleges United Arab Emirates-based Etihad failed to live up toRead More →

Anticipating a fifth straight weekend of violent protests, Paris’ police chief says armored vehicles and thousands of officers will be deployed again in the French capital on Saturday. France Braces For Fifth Weekend of Anti-Macron Protests by breitbart.comRead More →

George Conway, Kellyanne Conway’s husband, is a wealthy New York lawyer who was involved in Paula Jones’ lawsuit against Bill Clinton and belongs to a conservative legal society. George T. Conway III has participated in other well-known lawsuits, including tobacco industry cases. He raised eyebrows in 2017 when he startedRead More →

Scott Adams tells you how Google is ruining his life for political reason. Are you next? https://t.co/mcSpE6bjmb — Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) December 13, 2018 Scott Adams is probably best known for creating Dilbert, a comic strip that pokes fun at office life. But if you google Scott Adams, Dilbert isn’tRead More →

The president described Democrats as “absolute hypocrites,” highlighting clips from Sen. Chuck Schumer, former President Barack Obama, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talking about their support for border security and their opposition to illegal immigration. Donald Trump Urges Democrats to Avoid Potential Partial Government Shutdown by breitbart.comRead More →

Pam Patterson is a councilmember in San Juan Capistrano, California who made headlines by praising the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory on the council floor Monday, OC Weekly reported. Patterson made the remark in her farewell address after she served a single four-year term. “God bless America, God bless Q, andRead More →