John James is the Republican Senate candidate from Michigan challenging incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow. James has promoted himself as a conservative outsider, while pointing out that his opponent has spent her entire professional career in politics. James is a combat veteran and is the president of the business founded byRead More →

On October 23, former Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor announced that she has been diagnosed with dementia. O’Connor is 88 years old. She said that, as the disease progresses, she is realizing that she’s no longer able to keep up with the demands of public life. But the formerRead More →

President Donald Trump held a rally today with Sen. Ted Cruz in order to stump for Cruz’s campaign for Senator. He’s running a close race against Beto O’Rourke in a campaign that has garnered national attention. Just how many people attended the rally and tailgate party today? It was definitelyRead More →

Susan Trott was mysteriously murdered inside her Manhattan apartment and police were analyzing surveillance video to identify the killer. Police discovered Trott’s body around 5 a.m. on October 21, 2018. Her friend and business partner had called police to check on Trott after not hearing from her for a fewRead More →

A US military spokesman in Afghanistan has confirmed that Army Brigadier General Jeffrey Smiley was injured last week in a Taliban attack in Kandahar, Afghanistan. On October 18, a gunman attacked U.S. and Afghan forces who had been holding a security meeting at the Kandahar Palace. Abdul Raziq Achakzai, theRead More →

The price of beer could double under unchecked climate change, as droughts and extreme temperatures cause barley yields to drop. That’s one conclusion of research we recently published in Nature Plants. We first became curious about barley, and the beer it produces, as this relatively minor crop was clearly affectedRead More →

Jayme Closs has seemingly vanished into thin air. In what is one of the most perplexing cases in recent memory, the 13-year-old teenager from Barron, Wisconsin disappeared after her parents, James and Denise Closs, were found shot to death in their modest, rural home. Barron is a town of aboutRead More →