A report from the BBC says that sites in the United Kingdom which feature pornography will be introducing age-checks in July in an attempt to prevent users under 18-years-old from viewing them. Websites where more than a third of its content is considered porn will be punished with a £250,000Read More →

Apple could be preparing to take its Mac lineup to the next level with the addition of Face ID technology, according to new patents filed by the company, which were spotted by Patently Apple. Face ID offers users the option to unlock their devices with their faces. The built-in TrueRead More →

Facebook-owned company Oculus announced Friday that early models of its virtual reality Oculus Touch virtual reality controllers contain “hidden” and “inappropriate” messages. Oculus cofounder Nate Mitchell tweeted about the unfortunate incident today, explaining that the phrases “This Space For Rent,” Big Brother is Watching,” “The Masons Were Here,” and “HiRead More →

A Chinese blogger has claimed that people caught with Facebook on their phones during random searches will be sent to “re-education centers,” The Sun reported. The blogger, known only as Kasim, claims that police in Xinjiang are routinely seizing citizens’ phones and searching them for Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter. InRead More →

Walmart is bringing thousands of robots to its stores across America. The retail giant will add almost 4,000 “smart assistants” to stores so its employees do not have to spend time “on the more mundane and repetitive tasks” like cleaning floors and checking inventory on shelves. In turn, Walmart staffRead More →

In 2015, Apple introduced its butterfly keyboard on the 12-inch MacBook and later implemented the new keys on the rest of its laptop lineup. Since the keyboard’s introduction, Apple users have been voicing countless complaints about the keys not working as they should. One of the main issues experienced byRead More →