Honda announced today that it is upping its self-driving game with a $2.75 billion investment in General Motor’s Cruise Automation unit. The two auto giants are joining together to build self-driving vehicles for ride service fleets on a high-volume, global scale, according to Reuters. Honda will invest $750 million upRead More →

Since its launch, Apple’s iPhone has been touted as one of the most secure devices on the market, so eyebrows are always raised when it’s shown how easily hackable the phone has been just after the release of the latest version of iOS, according to reports from Mashable. A YouTubeRead More →

While smartphone software updates are always intended to bring improvements and positive changes, there are times when these patches create more problems than they solve. According to reports, that appears to be the case with iOS 12. Amongst all of the issues that supposedly cropped up after the software rolledRead More →

Traditionally, smartphone manufacturers initially launch their new devices with standard colors, before announcing different color variants a few months into the phones’ production runs. Samsung appears to have taken the opposite route with the Galaxy Note 9, as the South Korean company announced the new phablet in August with twoRead More →