The Blue Microphones product line has a long line of quality mics and another mic is now joining that list. The Blue Yeti Nano is the newest microphone to release by Blue and it will be very familiar to those who are fans of Blue’s mics. The Blue Yeti NanoRead More →

Riding at night presents its own unique challenges. From poorly lit roads to off-road rides on the trails, it’s crucial to be prepared for rides in the dark. Aside from the obvious lack of visibility, you’re also dealing with obstacles and the elements, along with anyone else who shares theRead More →

The best butter keepers come in many forms. Ceramic and stoneware are some of the most common materials, but you can also find marble butter keepers, which naturally keep the butter cool, along with butter keepers made from porcelain and even glass. Whichever type of butter keeper you choose, itRead More →

The Motorola P30 was announced earlier this week in parent company Lenovo’s home country of China, and while the phone is a midrange device whose features and specifications are far removed from those of your average flagship handset, it appears that it’s gaining attention for a rather unusual reason: itRead More →


The Note 9 is Samsung’s latest installment to their phablet line of phones. As Samsung moves closer to their ideal connected home year after year, the focus moves more towards the Galaxy Note 9 accessories and away from the phone itself. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot toRead More →

Google still tracks you even if you have disabled “location history.” That’s according to a bombshell report that was published by the Associated Press on August 13. The AP report says that Google still uses location tracking to aid their search returns and advertising. Typically, users were under the impressionRead More →