Bella Hadid made an appearance on the runway wearing Versace, and her fans are going wild over the Instagram video that she shared. At the same time, another account also shared a still photo of Bella’s outfit, which gave fans an even better look at the show-stopping look. The photoRead More →

Milos island in Greece (Picture: Miljko) Have you ever heard of Greater Adria? Chances are you haven’t. It is (or rather, was) a lost continent roughly the size of Greenland that has just been discovered in southern Europe. Evidence of its existence has just been released in the scientific journalRead More →

Cannes has long been the stomping ground for the rich and famous especially during its annual international film festival, which is now approaching its 73rd year. Aside from the glitz, glamour, parties, red carpets and the luxurious shopping outlets, there is much more to experience in this resort town on theRead More →