They do say that change is inevitable but growth is optional, and … wow, a lot has changed from the start of 2020 to now. Since the coronavirus pandemic burst into our lives, the tourism industry has been pulled in all sorts of directions. While this change has been crazyRead More →

2021 is here; the year that we have spent the last 12 months willing to come sooner. It is the year that has promised hope and relief from a pandemic that has plagued every inch of our lives. We have not only set our sights on the release of crucialRead More →

Using the word resurgence to describe the recent growth of cycling, is a mammoth understatement. People the world over have been taking to two wheels in their droves this year as the coronavirus pandemic has triggered evaluation of individual lifestyles and priorities. While it can be seen as a modeRead More →

Meet Saunter Luxury Experiences ‘La vita è un sogno’ – life is a dream.  When Pat and Holly Jones, the founders of Saunter Luxury Experiences, discovered the beauty of Italy about five years ago, they knew that they needed to help others fulfil their Italian dreams. Residing on the MontereyRead More →

We are definitely not the first to say that tourism is filled with similar sounding and confusing acronyms, but we are happy to put our hands up and help you make sense of a few. Instead of leaving you to feel on the outer circle of an exclusive club, weRead More →

With news that a number of potential COVID-19 vaccinations are in their final stages of development, the light at the end of what has been a long dark tunnel is starting to shine brightly for hibernating tourism professionals. Like many, we have been counting down the days until a senseRead More →

The moment is now. Just as the world had wrapped its head around the absence of international travel and adapted to a new kind of normal, Pfizer’s announcement that their coronavirus trial vaccine is testing at over 90% effective, quickly followed by Moderna’s claim that their soon to be releasedRead More →

For the Tourwriter Team, the month of December is always a time to reflect on the year that was and gather our ideas and make plans for what lies ahead. We see immense power in openly shared thoughts, discoveries, in honesty, and in understanding every action; which is why ourRead More →

  Meet African Secrets Travel Desk Many of us can only dream of taking the ultimate safari adventure and encountering a truly authentic African experience, but for African Secrets Travel Desk this is something they get to make a reality for travellers on a daily basis. Driven by a greatRead More →