Many people have compared the way Robert Mueller is handling the special investigation to the way organized crime cases are traditionally handled. Ken Dilanian said it on MSNBC back in February 2018, and today, Business Insider took a closer look. Organized crime is familiar territory for Mueller. In the 1990s,Read More →

With a tight gubernatorial race shaping up in Florida, the Republican candidate for the office, Ron DeSantis, announced on Monday that he will resign from Congress effective immediately, reports NBC News. With the election less than two months away and polls showing a tight race with Democrat Andrew Gillum leadingRead More →

Republican megadonors have poured millions into the campaign of Florida gubernatorial candidate Rep. Ron DeSantis after the gubernatorial candidate became embroiled in controversy over racial comments he made in relation to his opponent Andrew Gillum, an African American. DeSantis, 39, was a surprise winner of the Republican primary on Tuesday,Read More →