A 23-year-old Florida woman accused of shoplifting falsely accused a Palm County Sheriff’s Office deputy of rape, officials said Nov. 9. Marley Barberian is now facing charges of a false report, perjury, and false report of a crime, CBS12 reported. She was in a county jail after being arrested at aRead More →

QUERETARO, Mexico—Hundreds of Central American migrants resumed their march north through Mexico en route to the U.S. border. The caravan, made up mostly of Hondurans, started north again on the morning of Nov. 10 following a rest of four days in Mexico City. They carried backpacks, blankets, food, many withRead More →

Businesses and progressives, Democrats and Republicans, will try to sneak a bipartisan amnesty bill through Congress’ lame-duck session in December as voters are distracted by Christmas, say pro-American immigration reformers. Pro-American Reformers: Stealth Amnesty Bills Coming in Lame-Duck Session by breitbart.comRead More →

Gov. Rick Scott (R) has filed lawsuits against the election supervisors in two of Florida’s Democratic strongholds over the lack of transparency in vote counting for the midterm elections. Two separate lawsuits were filed on Nov. 8 against Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes (pdf) and Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor SusanRead More →