The 2023 US Open Finals: Djokovic’s Triumph Over Medvedev”

As always, delivering a stellar performance, Djokovic has surged ahead in this season’s most prestigious events with a remarkable 27-1 record. His only setback came in the Wimbledon final in July, where he lost to Carlos Alcaraz. Djokovic is set to reclaim the number 1 ranking on Monday, surpassing Alcaraz, who was the reigning champion at Flushing Meadows but fell to Medvedev in the semi finals.

At the start of Sunday, the roof at Arthur Ashe Stadium was closed due to rain, as anticipated. Djokovic appeared to be at ease as ever, showing no signs of being affected by the occasion or the tension he admitted to feeling briefly during his semifinal against the unseeded American Ben Shelton.

His trademark movement was as good as ever, with each stroke showcasing Djokovic at his best. He secured 12 of the first 16 points, three of them with a flourish and four in rallies lasting 10 strokes or more, building a commanding 3-0 and 4-1 lead.

In contrast, Medvedev looked uneasy and rattled. His white racket’s looping swings repeatedly faltered, whether on double faults in the opening set or during extended rallies.

However, Djokovic remained unflappable like a metronome, trusting in his ability to read his opponent’s service and groundstrokes. On Sunday, his navy blue shoes took him precisely where they should be, more often than not, and his agility – the pivots, the stretches, the twists, the slides, guarding the net with his back, and even switching to offense when necessary – allowed him to keep the ball in play, committing very few unforced errors.

Throughout the afternoon into the evening, the stands were filled with thousands of supporters, not only chanting his two-letter last name, “No-le, No-le!” but also featuring spectators in his guest box, including Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey, who is quite the A-lister.

Djokovic relies on analysis and adapting to the opponent’s tendencies. He thrives on reading their service and groundstrokes with ease. On Sunday, he brought the ball into play whenever necessary, and if needed, committed the ‘flip-the-switch’ offense.

Medvedev played similarly, with shot counts going up to 25 shots, 35 shots, and beyond.

Was Djokovic perfect? No, but he came darn close in several categories, and he was as good as it gets when it comes to winning, as he so often is.

In a playful remark during the trophy presentation, Medvedev quipped, “First of all, Novak, I want to ask: What are you still doing here? Come on.”

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